This week I worked on flushing out the UI by styling and finding a basic style framework for some of the components and fitting it in to the responsive design build. I also flushed out my route connections for fetching data and planned the way to pass info.

So first…

This weeks installment of the project I created the basic landing page for the app and reworked the structure of my sccss files to better handle responsive design. I also added handling for the connection to the database and the post, put, and delete methods.

As for the landing page…

This week I created the mongo DB and set up the connection route for the app to use so it could save users favorite resturants. I also updated the connection routes and schema to reflect that.

Along with this I also started digging through the API documentation for Zomato to find out what queries were possible and the what kinda of data they returned so as to start planing out what data points to use and display to the user interface.

Next week my plan is to try to build out a basic landing page / UI so I can finish planing some of the API data ill need and start testing the display of it out.

So the new blog hasn’t been setup yet as this last week was terribly busy, for now medium will have to do again.

So after last weeks entry I ended up pulling up the project requirements again and reviewing them and realized that my initial approach of using react for…

So this blog series will be following the project that i’m working on for my DGM-3760 final. As those of you that have been following some of my earlier blog posts may have noticed, this post is on Medium and not the train wreck of a blog site that I…

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